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Monday, March 23, 2009

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It's both Smart & Sexy to - SAVE THE "COOKIE"!!!

Proverbs 31 stresses the importance of a woman being "virtuous". A man should be proud of us and speak about our honorable works, our resourcefulness, and our personal integrity. Although Steve Harvey has put a wonderfully funny spin on this whole subject in his new book "Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man", the principle remains the same.

Women are beautiful, precious gifts from God. And although the bible refers to us as the "weaker" vessel, by now we all should know that "weaker" actually means more delicate and precious, like fine china. China is a material which needs to be PROTECTED and SAFEGUARDED against damage. It has to be HANDLED PROPERLY and stored in the right manner. You wouldn't just toss your most expensive set of platinum china in the dishwasher and think it will not break or damage, would you? So, why do women throw their hearts AND their bodies to men who just don't understand their true worth or value? Why do women "cast their pearls to swine" in hopes to gain their love or approval? I'm not really calling men swine, I love our God-given, heads of the family. But the question is why are the cookies so available to the "cookie monsters"?

By the way, today I was googling more meanings of my name (derived from Sharifa) and I found out that my name actually means "virtuous" and "honor". With that said, I encourage all women today to begin to HONOR themselves as the virtuous women of God that He has called us to be. We are PRECIOUS COMMODITIES much like that fine china! Not a throwback fish in murky waters.........

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  1. not sure what happened to my original comment...but anywho...I luv it!! great post..LOL@ the part about the cookie monsters!