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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WHAT'S IN YOUR TANK? (click here for full post/comments)

Capitol One credit card commercial says, "What's in your wallet?" Question for today is, "What's in your tank?"

Our minds and our gas tanks are similar! Sounds crazy? Just consider it witty wisdom. Have you ever heard the term, "THINK TANK?" Used in the political realm, the term "Think Tank" is defined as "policy institute" and can be defined as an organization, institute, corporation, group, or INDIVIDUAL that...engages in advocacy in various areas or systems. "Advocacy" means "the pursuit of influencing outcomes — including public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions — that directly affect people’s current lives. (Cohen, 2001) .....advocacy can be seen as the deliberate process of speaking out on issues of concern in order to exert some influence on behalf of ideas or persons. Based on this definition, Cohen (2001) states that “ideologues of all persuasions advocate” to bring a change in people’s lives."

WOW! But how does this relate to my morning's madness (or journey of revelation) of MY GAS TANK and MY THINK TANK being similar?

Before I start, MY THINK TANK is my MIND! Ok, now let's venture:

  1. Gas tanks and think tanks are both major, integral sub-components housed within larger, major components designed to "go or take us places".
  2. Both the car and your mind have OUTCOMES contingent upon the individuals driving them. They can sit still (be stagnate or unproductive), they can move forward toward a designated destination (purposes & goals), they can move backward (via digression and set backs), they can turn left or right and even go in circles (indecisiveness, instability, or lack of clarity).
  3. Both FUEL something. Gas tanks hold the gas which fuels the car BUT your mind holds the THOUGHTS which fuel your vision! The unfortunate reality is sometimes we allow bad thoughts to sabotage, delay, or discourage our destinies. Examine the BAD FUEL you may be allowing to enter your "think tank". What octane are you using? Bad fuel in the think tank of your MIND is negative thoughts, sub-standard self talk, or a posture of procrastination.

THOUGHTS ARE THINGS! Watch what you think because you will definitely SEE the outcome of what you saw (in your thoughts)! Thoughts hold the power to manifest! Whether it's good or bad, you will definitely see the result of your thinking habits!

More info on think tanks:

  1. Secular think tanks are funded by the government or big businesses with political agendas. Spiritual think tanks are funded by the Kingdom and fueled by the Word of God.
  2. Secular think tanks "speak out" as advocates for various causes and institutions. Kingdom believers "speak out" the truth of the Word of God regarding who we are and what we were brought to this earth to complete.
  3. Secular think tanks often influence POLICY. We, as the children of God and joint heirs of Jesus, are called to act as ambassadors of the Kingdom and influence the systems of this world, be it education, entertainment, finance, or government. We have a mandate to preach, teach, baptize and make disciples who make Kingdom change happen in this entire world. We do this not in and for ourselves but for the Kingdom and to the glory of our God!

The bottom line, control what you think about. Fruitfulness will manifest when you line up your thoughts, your words, and your actions with the power that lies within your "TRUE" self. Your "true self" can only be found in Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

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