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Monday, May 10, 2010

FIGHT LIKE YOU MEAN IT! (Exercising Your Spiritual Authority) click here for full post

Background scriptures: Matt 11: 12, Luke 9:1 & 2; vs 6, Dan 7:21-22, Eph 6:12, 2 Cor 10:4, 1 Tim 1:18, 1 Tim 6:12

Be watchful of those dominating spirits operating in various areas throughout the world.

Luke 9:1-2; 6 When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, 2and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick" 6So they set out and went from village to village, preaching the gospel and healing people everywhere

A. As Christians we are called to operate in our God given authority by:
Preaching the gospel
Healing the sick
Casting out demons
Curing diseases

Why? Because in (Matt 11:12) the bible says, “The Kingdom suffereth violence but the VIOLENT take it by FORCE!”

B. Before the foundation of the world, God made US in his OWN image.
1. He gave us dominion over the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, creeping things, and every creeping thing that creep! In (Gen 1:28) God told us 4 things: Be fruitful & multiply, Fill the earth and SUBDUE it.
i. The Hebrew word for Subdue is “kavash”= A footstool. The verb kavash literally means to place your foot on the NECK of your enemy.
2. From the FOUNDATION of the world God GAVE us authority to:
a) to overcome b) to conquer 3) and to bring under subjection EVERYTHING that causes us to stumble

3. But something has happened along the way! Instead of FIGHTING the enemy, we’re pacifying him. Instead of DOING church, we’re HAVING church! We’re planning church programs & Satan’s planning his next attack!

4. War...war...war...this is not STRANGE THING, or new CONCEPT or new ideology.
The bible is FULL of wars and battles. From David and the Philistines to Joshua and Amorites the bible teaches us how to war. Today is no different NOW our enemy is INVISIBLE and the battlefield IMMATERIAL (you can’t touch it)!
It’s a spiritual thing! Eph 6:12, “For we do not wrestler against flesh and blood, but with principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of THIS world, and spiritual wickedness in HIGH places. 2 Cor 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty for the tearing down of strongholds.

C. Satan is Making War Against the Saints. Dan 7:21-22, "I was watching; and the same horn was making war against the saints, and prevailing against them, until the Ancient of Days came, and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the Most High, and the TIME came for the saints to possess the kingdom.

Foe: Satan (1Pet5:8) ”going around AS a roaring lion seeking WHOM he may destroy”
Tactics: Ignorance, Deceit, Bondage, and Slothfulness
Ignorance (Hosea 4:8)
We aren’t studying the Word, so we lack knowledge of who we are, what we can do, and how to defeat the enemy. We fail to realize that we are new creations, who can do ALL things through Him who strengthens us!
Just like the enemy deceived Eve by twisting God’s words, he does the same thing to us! He makes us think its ok to do wrong because we have ALOT of time to “get it right.”
a.) A little beer, then a little thing you know, you’re an alcoholic.
b.) A little weed, then a little “X” thing you know, you’re an addict.
c.) A little “sexual experimenting” thing you know, you’re turned OUT!
We’ve got to STOP letting the devil deceive us!
Another “lie” is that we have to be PERFECT Christians! Yes, we are called to be Holy because God is holy but perfect, we are not! The only perfect person was Jesus! We have to yield to His Holy Spirit in order to become more like him, and become perfect as it relates to maturity, but not flawless. We all stumble but we get back up and try harder the next time.
a.) Satan plants lies about the Christian walk and makes unbelievers think it’s impossible! But ALL things are possible with God.
b.) Christians need to stop being RE-ligious and start being more REAL (transparent). They become better witnesses for those who need encouragement. If it wasn’t for Jesus, where would we be!
Another tactic is BONDAGE. (Rom 8:15) “For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, "Abba! Father.” The enemy is on assignment to keep people in physical, mental, and spiritual bondage. As long as the saints are oppressed and depressed, they will remain an ineffective because people are watching our WALK and not our WORDS!
How can a debt stricken believer, in financial bondage, ever be a good witness for financial prosperity?
How can an obese, believer with a “spirit of glutony” ever be a good witness for divine health?
What is “slothfulness?” It’s having a lazy, do nothing” spirit! Always talking about it but not BEING about it. In this state YOU are YOUR OWN worse enemy. Beware of not just the “enemy” but the “In A Me!” The “In A Me” is that slothful attitude that holds you back from being a better, more effective you. When you are slothful you are NO threat to enemy. Satan is after Christians who are making a difference in the lives of the unbeliever.

D. It is time for the church to rise up. Isaiah 59:19, When the enemy (Satan) comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will LIFT UP a standard (“banner”, Jehovah Nissi=victory banner) against him. It’s time for the church to TAKE A STAND. After you’ve done all else, STAND! Standing is a battle position (Ephesians 6). Fight your way through by STANDING on His Word, STANDING on His promises! Stand and FIGHT!
How are you going to FIGHT?
F Fortify your faith.
I Walk in Integrity
G Grow in grace
H Holy Spirit
T Trust and travail
We can no longer afford to be PASSIVE CHRISTIANS! We’ve got to know when to fight and how to FIGHT! 1Tim 6:12, says to “Fight the good fight of faith...” It’s time to FIGHT knowing the battle’s already been won. Fight for your family, fight for your friends, fight for your future! Paul told Timothy, in 1Tim 1:18, “This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy....... that YOU might WAR a good warfare.”

E. War a good warfare
Step up to the plate. Don’t step back from the challenge! Step OUT on faith and apply a winning strategy. Every battle has one.
The Winning strategy:
a) a unified force (the church)
b) a unified vision (the leader’s mandate and direction)
c) a unified effort (teamwork)
Order (organization)
Rank (know your place & position)
Structure (stance & maneuver tactics)
***In this war there can be no bargains. In this war, there can be no deals. In this war, you can’t make any truces! You’ve got to put your FOOT on the enemy’s NECK and WAR a good WARFARE! Knowing, with Jesus by your side, you can not fail! Knowing, with the Holy Spirit helping you, you will always WIN! You’ve got to look trouble straight in the eye and proclaim the VICTORY! Victory over your finances! Victory over your debt! Victory over sickness! Victory over disease! Victory over your past! Victory over your present! In this battle, you’ve got to stay on the course. Don’t abandon your post! Going AWOL can’t set you free! You’ve got to keep your watch! ... “Watch and pray!” Don’t ever quit...You can’t afford to quit...too much is depending on you! Quitters never WIN and winners never quit!

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