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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Where have I been???

Almost 2 years since I've blogged...guess I've been "blogged down" by life. ***pardon the pun*** Where have I been, why haven't I written, what have I been doing since March 2013 (last blog)? I'll tell you what I've been doing.  I've been busy living life, making life happen, and also letting life happen to me, which I hate to admit.

Living the "Island Life" in the land down under--No, NOT AUSTRALIA! Nothing that glamorous, but Guam (Pacific islands)! A place I've lovingly nicknamed, "ghetto paradise". It's all a matter of perspective anyway, right? -it's all in how you see things, glass half empty or half full type of situation. You understand, right? Sort of like throwing on a pair of Chanel rose colored glasses and hoping a Chris Rock type of dude can morphe into Drake! Kind of like that....;)

But seriously, I've been busy, much like you all, trying to figure things out. Everything from family, career, finances and future----oh, and EVERYTHING in between: hair, fashion, beauty, culture---oh, and YOUTUBE! Did I mention I'm a newly natural (1 year naturalversary this month). That's a whole other subject to be blogged about later. For now, catching you up....

In all this "figuring out", I thought I'd start blogging (again) a therapy, an outlet, or a sanity check of sorts. Heck, it's either that or heavy drinking and I'm not really GOOD at that. Confession: wine does soothe the soul, but heavy drinking is never a good look, plus hangovers---"ain't NOBODY got time for THAT!" #justsaying

Until later, stay tuned!

Namaste, blessings, and fruitfulness,

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