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Monday, May 4, 2009

Faux Sure! (click here to post comments)

I shake myself loose from the tragedy of a past forgotten

Looking at a future so bright I have to wear my sunglasses!

No more drama is what the singer Mary J said

Stressing no longer over something which lies dead

Certain, for sure, that I am happy just being ME

It's the only thing that's sure in the midst of all this uncertainty

Syncopated hearts exists when on the Word it endures

A relationship built on anything less is something fake and that's "Faux Sure"

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  1. Hello Shariva I would like to start this comment by saying I love your blog. Its amazing and it fits you perfect. I have to say you look wonderful in that picture. I was around when it was taken. Ok my time is up. God bless you sister. Keep letting God guide your every step...