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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recession Obsession. Product 1 for Beauty on a Budget

Lipstick and Brains Blog is not only a blog devoted to the things of the spirit but also the natural; beautiful things. Today, in my quest for beautifulness (not really a word), I'd like to highlight a "Product that Delivers!" Baking Soda!"

Whether it was my chocolate indulgence over the last few days or last week's emotional/physical/spiritual rollercoaster, my skin was screaming for some help. Acne breakouts and dark spots seemed to have gotten worse overnight although I know it didn't (really). For some strange reason I've been plagued with adult acne and I'm not ashamed to admit it to the masses. We ALL have something plaguing us or that we'd like to improve whether it's physically, spiritually, or emotionally. So, I decided to take a stand. I wanted a product that delivered. Over the years I've probably spent an entire paycheck in search of a product that delivered results. My, oh my, who knew I'd discover this inexpensive little treasure hidden right under my nose, BAKING SODA!

I searched Youtube and found quite a few videos praising the results of this cheap kitchen product. So, I said, "Why not try it, what could I lose?" I tried it and to my surprise it worked after the FIRST USE! No waiting three weeks for ultimate results, although I'm sure I'll reach nirvana by that time and I'll have much clearer, healthier looking skin. But, today it delivered in as little as 20 minutes!

The Process
I mixed a paste in order to make an "emergency mask." A couple of teaspoons mixed with a LITTLE water until you have the consistency of a thick lotion. I prepped my skin by washing it with a normal facial wash, followed by applying a hot clothe to my skin for 30 seconds in order to open my pores, then I slothered the paste all over my face, applying a bit more in those "problem areas." I let it sit between 8-15 minutes or so (I lost track of time, lol). And, I rinsed my face with warm water and then applied VINEGAR to restore and balance the PH in my skin. The paste did sting just a bit, but this is how I knew it was working...can you believe it? Baking soda! I found all of these little tips to "acne free" skin over the internet. The worldwide web is no joke! A plethora of knowledge, but some of it is junk!

The Results
I noticed afterward, not only was my skin smooth and matte, but the breakout minimized tremendously! After about 5 - 10 minutes (when my skin had settled), the acne minimized even greater, as well as minimized pores. Can you believe these results only after ONE use?!? Amazing! I will definitely try this again and incorporate baking soda into my daily skin routine. Baking soda has alot of other benefits and can be used in MANY other ways, just google the uses and you won't be disappointed.

More Info
Website links for more info on Baking Soda for facial remedies:

Video websites on

That's it for now, don't forget another cheap solutions from one of my earlier blogs where I discuss how LEMONS also serve as a good dark spot eraser. Until later, stay fabulous, stay beautiful, and most of all stay BLESSED!


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  2. Sorry i posted under my husbands account.
    Hey Riva Diva!! I am surely going to try this!!
    One question... do you do this once a day or once a week?

    Tu amiga
    Elvira C.

  3. Hey Elvira C' aka "curlyrican",

    You can use the emergency mask as needed. However, for daily use you can just dab a bit of baking soda (about a quarter size) into your hand an mix it w/water while you're in the shower for a light exfoliant that will leave your skin smooth and pores reduced. Make sure you follow up w/a toner (homemade one is vinegar but it stinks, I used witchhazel the second time. OR, you can mix lemon juice and water and spread it over your face w/a cotton ball) and then finish your routine w/a light moisturizer. Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks for the very useful information!!
    I love you mamacita!!