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Thursday, April 14, 2011

If you think you CAN'T you're right! The Power of a Positive Perspective

Most of what you think you can or CAN'T do comes directly from your PERCEPTION (and perspective). "As a man thinketh in his heart, so IS he!" If you think you are going to make it, you will make it! If you think you'll overcome a thing, you will overcome! If you think you will fail, most likely you will fail! If you think you're unhappy, you'll be destitute. Although life has a tendency of throwing us many blows, it's our duty to hit it back with a ONE-TWO combination. You're in the fight of (and for) your LIFE!

Feeling bad, negative, or hopeless about yourself, your situation, or your surroundings won't HELP but rather hinder you from a breakthrough! Get over yourself! Having a bad attitude or depressed countenance won't change your situation but rather bring MORE of the same (depressed) energy to you. What and how you are is attracted TO YOU. Has it ever seemed like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and then nothing in the rest of your day seemed to go right? That's the law of attraction (or as the bible states, "as a man IS he). Start MAKING positive things happen for yourself. It's starts with your attitude. Attitude determines altitude. Opportunities are not going to barge in, they merely KNOCK on your door. It's our job to recognize them and CARPE DIEM (seize the moment).

Positive change often times starts with gratitude. Gratitude makes way for abundance. It's easy to realize and recognize all the things you don't have, you desire, or want. But, what about what you already have. Capitalize on your strengthens and minimize your weaknesses. Also, start out by being grateful for WHO you are TODAY. Even your faults serve a purpose. They (faults) are opportunities for perfection (or improvement). Positive change happends one step and adjustment at a time.

Even your present (poor) circumstances have a purpose, so be grateful for them. If "everything works for your good" that means even the bad stuff has a purpose (and will be good in the end). The tests, trials, and troubles are opportunities for TRIUMPHS. Everything has a purpose! Whether it's to teach us what not to do or what to do better next time there's a meaning, reason, and purpose for it ALL.

If your boyfriend has left you, maybe God's making room for a husband! If you're wife's nagging you, maybe it's an opportunity to become a better and more empathetic listener. If you're overwhelmed with debt, maybe the lesson is to be a better steward over what you have. If your unemployed, maybe it's time step out on faith and become an entrepreneur. If you've been laid off or fired from a JOB, maybe it's time to train and educate yourself for that new CAREER existing around the corner .

Whatever the problem, whatever the circumstance you're facing, celebrate! Lift your hands up, throw back your head, and give a big THANK YOU for everything that's existing in your life. As long as you never quit, you'll win. Nothing happens by chance, it's in your life for a reason.

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  1. Yes yes yes!!!! I agree totally with this, It is something that I operate in on a daily basis, through God nothing is impossible we just have to believe and not go by what it looks like, praise God in the good and the bad, it is all going to work out for the good of those who love Christ. Be Blessed Evangelist Riva

    Pastor Tatum