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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Castor Oil? Who knew! Beauty on a budget. click to post comment

I have about 15 min to post a quick review on my new found favorite friend, castor oil! I'm always trying to find new remedies and new ways to save more mula (money) on things I have spent mini-fortunes on in the past. So, here's my new found fav product that can be used in a plethora of ways.


30% Castor oil, 70% Grapeseed or Olive Oil, juice from one lemon. I use this as a wash, especially after doing a scrub w/the baking soda. For a toner I use Vitamin E oil, Green Tea (3 teabags), juice from one lemon. All of this lessens breakouts, even skin tones, and help fade the dark spots.


Ok, so I know you've seen those commercials for Latice (not sure how you spell it)...which will grow your lashes but could leave you BLIND. The side affects from that product could change your eye color, give you dark circles or leave you complete visionless. Well, I researched the benefits of using Castor Oil on your lashes and I've heard nothing but great reviews. I apply it to my brows and lashes before going to bed. Apply like you would your mascara and you'll have luscious lashes in 2-3 weeks!


This product can grow your hair...on your head, eyelashes, and eyebrows! WOW!!! I've mixed up a concoction (Vitamin E oil, Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Grapeseed Oil) which I've been using to moisturize my hair. I apply this to my hair every 2 days, especially after I co-wash (new word for conditioner wash) my hair. It leaves my hair feeling very nourished! BUT, if I want to wear my hair down and straight (i.e. dominican blow out), I do not apply this mixture because it can leave it feeling a bit "weighted." But, for my everyday up-do (bun) for the military it is a good way to keep my hair nourished (and growing).


DON'T drink it! I remember my grandma making me drink a teaspoon of this NASTY stuff to help my digestive malfunctions but it's not advised to do this nowaday. You CAN; however, make a castor oil PACK and apply it to your abdomen region to help detoxify and stimulate your digestive (flushing) tract.

So, in closing, I will be experimenting with this product as I continue my all natural, health conscious, budget inspired journey to a better ME!

HaPPy living! God bless!

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